Ministries and Leaders

Adam Where Art Thou Ministry Dea. Sam Taylor

Adoration Ensemble Ministry Sis. Jennifer Rossi

Adults In Mission Sis. Margaret Wilson

AFAM Christo Ministry Sis. Jerri Carter

Anna Samples House Homeless Ministry Sis. Angela Maddrey Assimilation Ministry Sis. Gail Huckabee

A Voice of A Different Kind Ministry, Sis. Joelle Knox

Audio Ministry Dea. Frank Carter

Baby Visitor Ministry Sis. Edith James

Baptismal Candidates Ministry Dea. Robert Huckabee

Barnabus Ministry Min. Malcolm Morton

Basketball Ministry, Bro. Gino Rossi

Biblical Counseling Ministry Dea. Roman Rivers

Brotherhood Ministry Dea. Dhamiri Abayomi

Camden Healing Dance Ministry

               Bro. Arthur & Sis. Shondra Taylor

Christian Cancer Overcomer Min Dea. Joanne Cade

Christian Youth Development Center Sis. Renee Moorer Clothing Ministry Sis. Mercides Pegram

College Prep Ministry

                Royce Warrick, Daisy Page, Sandra Johnson

Compassionate Friends Ministry Sis. Cassandra Robinson Crossroads Youth Ministry, Sis. Jacqueline Bayard

Day Care Ministry Sis. Brenda Johnson

Differently Abled Ministry Bro. Kamal Thomas

Director of Women's Ministries Rev. BJ Torres

Drug & Alcohol Counseling Ministry Min. Albert Lawrence Elders Council Ministry Dea. Arthur Ray

Family First Ministry God's Way, Sis. Fay Rainford

Families in Praise Ministry Sis. Joyce Sanders

First Lady's Ministry, Sis. Marge Bullock

Food Bank Ministry Sis. Alice Booker

Funeral Ministry Sis. Judy Bond

Greeters Ministry Sis.Deborah Ross

Healing Hearts Ministry Sis. Tammy Vines

Hedges & Highways Ministry Rev. Bertha Dunlap

HipStar Ministry. Sis Jennifer Rossi

Hospital Ministry Rev. Lela Morgan

Intercessory Prayer Warriors, Sis. Lauren Townsend

Internet Ministry Bro. Kenney Graham

Joshua Generation Ministry Trustee Alvin Pegram

Jr. Junior Church Ministry Sis. Carmen Bowman

Junior Prayer Band Ministry Sis. Allison Beverly

Levite Ministry Bro. Rodney Jones

Light League, Sis. Lauren Townsend

Little Brotherhood Ministry Dea. Sam Taylor

Love & Care Ministry Sis. Cheryl McNair

Marriage Enrichment Ministry Rev. Terrance Morrison Marriage Mentoring Ministry Dea. Roman Rivers Mary & Martha Ministry Sis. Mary Muse

Media Ministry Rev. Terrance Morrison

Men's Bible Study Ministry Dea. Roman Rivers

Men's Fellowship Breakfast Ministry Dea. Roman Rivers

Mime Ministry Sis. Kristen Townsend

Mother's Prayer Ministry Sis. Pat Rivers

Music Ministry Pastor Townsend

New Members Class Ministry Min. Brian Lawrence

New Members Meet & Greet Ministry, 

                    Sis. Vivian Wright & Sis. Edna Bethea

Nursing Home Ministry Sis. Bernice Ford

One on One Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Sis. Sharon Bowe Pew Bible Ministry Sis. Bernice Ford

Potters House Ministry Evangelist Jackie Bailey Moore

Praise & Worship Ministry Sis. Ida Townsend

Prayer Band Ministry Sis. Barbara Primas

Prison Ministry, Bro. Wayne & Sis. Pam Cooper

Spiritual Gifts Ministry, Rev. Terrance Morrison

Registrar of Spiritual Gifts Ministry Sis. Cynthia Williams Repetoire Drama Ministry Sis. Joyce Ojo Allen

Sancified Pen Pals Ministry Sis. Eddie Mae Cannon

School Of Christian Discipleship Prog. Min Sis. Cheryl Collier Seeking The Peace Ministry, Min. Brian Lawrence

Senior Praise Ministry Evangelist Jackie Bailey Moore

Senior Stewardship Ministry Trustee Luther Miller

Single's Ministry Sis. Adaline Spann

Sisters of Christ Rev. Mary Korden

Some One Cares Ministry Sis. Monique Miller

Spanish Translation Ministry, Sis. Carmen Cruz Rodriquez

St. John Praise Dance Ministry Sis. Sandra Webb

St. John Children's Choir, Sis. Dressler Smith

Street Evangelism Ministry Sis. Brenda Gillis

Systems Stewards Ministry Pastor Townsend

Taking It To The Street Dea Joseph Robinson

T.B.O.B Ministry Sis Britain Lewis

Technology Ministry Dea. Frank Carter

Teen Church Rev. Mary Korden

The Light League Sis Lauren Townsend

3rd Generation Steppers Sis. Melvina Yeldell

Tutorial Ministry Sis. Barbara Primas

Van Ministry Min. Brian Lawrence

Video Ministry Bro. Wayne Cooper

Voices of Praise Youth Choir Ministry Sis. Joyce Sanders

Warm Hugs Ministry Sis. Eddie Mae Cannon

Wedding Ministry Sis. Johnnie Alston

Widow & Widows Ministry Sis. Joan Morgan

Womens Fellowship Ministry Rev. BJ Torres

Women of Faith Ministry Sis. Jerri Carter

Young Brotherhood Ministry Bro. Brian Bailey

Young Children's Church

                   Sis. Carla Morrison & Sis. Kamilah Lawrence

Youth Council Ministry Sis. Phyllis Townes